Monday, March 19, 2007

Pet Food Recall

original post date 03/18/07
This blog has been created in order to make a centralized site for people to report illnesses or deaths of pets as a result of eating tainted pet food. Add your story by commenting on this post. (click the comment link below, word verification has been added to decrease any SPAM posts)

Please report your case to the FDA
The phone number to reach the Food and Drug Administration is 1-888-INFO FDA and the webpage is The AP is reporting to throw out the food, however the FDA has suggested hanging onto the unused food, in case testing is needed

A link to Pet Connections website has been added to the list at the right. They are creating and maintaining a database of pets/owners affected by this recall, but please still leave your story with us, as well.

Check the front page of USA Today on Friday 03/22/07. They told us that our story would be on the front page.

3/31/07 this blog was mentioned in The Chicago Tribune

Additional posts will be made as information is gathered.

youtube pet food recall videos

A few people have posted videos on youtube about the subject. Some work sites block so you may only see blank fields below, if you are viewing the page from your workplace.

Here's a Fox news report where they almost seem to blow off the issue. embedding was disabled.

Here's a video I posted to alert folks to this page;

And here's a few video posts from individuals. More will be added to this posts as they are found. Our hearts go out to everyone sharing our situation!