Monday, March 19, 2007

youtube pet food recall videos

A few people have posted videos on youtube about the subject. Some work sites block so you may only see blank fields below, if you are viewing the page from your workplace.

Here's a Fox news report where they almost seem to blow off the issue. embedding was disabled.

Here's a video I posted to alert folks to this page;

And here's a few video posts from individuals. More will be added to this posts as they are found. Our hearts go out to everyone sharing our situation!


Anonymous said...

kandice said...

This is a slideshow of my Kali, she died on January 9, 2007. It wasn't until recently we realized she died from eating half a can of the recalled dog food a day after giving birth to two babies.

If you go there you can read her story. She left behind two puppies at just two days old. Thanks - kandice

MR Bruno said...

Commercial dog food has long been suspect and subject to a variety of recalls due to contamination.

Dog food companies have been producing dog food that is little better than garbage comprised of fillers, poisons, preservatives, rendered dogs and cats that have been killed at shelters, undeveloped eggs, feathers and worse.

The current dog food recall has the one country's veterinary asociation asking that the dog food be incinerated to preclude contamination to pets and people.

Organic and holistic dog food available at local pet stores, not at big chains is the only safe commercial dog food option.

Making your own dog food at home is another great way to go.

See what they put in your dog food at

Marilia Zappelini said...

Here it is my Baby
Vet gave us only 5% of chance to him to survive it
I miss him! I need him! He is my Baby!
Some people dont realize how important they are in ours life.
This video it is in Portuguese, 'cause it is my 1st language, but you can see how sad he is.
He is trying so hard to make me happy when I call his name(Baby)
He is a sweetheart.
...Publix supermarket it is killing my dog, my Baby... my husband both this food, on 04/04/07... wasnt supose to be in that shelf anymore... I went to talk with the manager, he said:"Publix has nothing to do with it! we did not poised the food!"
I agree, but how they can explain then we got it after march 30?
It is part of there fault
They arent bringing my dog back, alive, but I promess to myself and to Baby (dog), I will let everyone know how irresponsable they are!

Baby, My Pekines. This was the last video of him, 'cause 10 hours later, he was dead.
I'm crying every minute.
I'm so angry about this.
I can not beleive it.
He was part of my life, just like Bella, witch is sick also.
Now, no matter what I do, i cant stop thinking about him... how happy he was! how sweet he was!
I will miss him forever!
I love u Baby!

Anderson James said...

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kimrennin said...

March of 2007 started the world’s largest and deadliest pet food recall. Pet owners have been waiting nervously for the FDA Pet Food Safety meeting, hopeful to learn of new regulations that protect pet food. The first notice that a pet food safety meeting was to be held was announced in January 2008. The date was finally set in April and the meeting took place.

Anonymous said...

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